Sports inspiration event with students of Thomas More

The Sports Inspirator platform empowers every professional to share knowledge and experience in a qualitative and accessible way. It is not exclusive for top sports but also for passionate students and other sports fanatics! 

Students of the Thomas More College, Turnhout, have committed themselves to make a good contribution to this platform. Inspiring each other, sharing knowledge and having fun in sports was the main focus here! Below their personal story.
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This is what they wrote themselves:
We, 3 students Sports and Movement, organized the event Shoot to Share on February 24, 2020. This event was in the context of Sportsinspirator. The overall goal of the event was to make students, trainers and athletes aware of broad motor development  and to collect content for the platform of Sportsinspirator.

The event started with a general welcome and introduction. We separated the participants into two groups. Group one started with the first lines of bounceball. Group two, on the other hand, started with a small information session and workshop on broad motor development and the impact of practicing all (twelve) basic skills a child needs for his/her development. At the end of the session we discussed the participants' insights into broad motor development and early sports specialization in young children. Everyone agreed that broad motor development is of great importance and that this can be achieved in many sports or movement moments.
However, some found that in certain sports such as gymnastics you usually train sports specifically at an early age because you have to be very flexible from an early age.

After group two was finished, we switched the groups whereby group one now got the workshop and group two could use all their inspiration in designing and performing sports exercises for children aged 6-9 years linked to the twelve basic skills. After group one had finished the workshop, they joined the rest of the participants and also practiced their creative exercise. We filmed these exercises and using the right tags (basic skills) they were placed on the platform.
Afterwards we played bounceball with everyone, danced and enjoyed the music during the evening. Afterwards everyone got a goodie bag with some handy stuff in it.

We would like to thank the Sports Inspirator team for supporting us and recording video material of this successful event. We hope this will activate more people to contribute to the broad Motor Development and not only think in their own sport.

Inspire each other, share knowledge and join the community!  

Dear students, 

Thank you for your involvement in the sports inspiration event of
You have shown that you have the right knowledge and information to create activities and embrace the vision of broad development for children.

Your discussion about gymnastics (specializing early or not) is very relevant. Take a good look at when you would like children to specialize and why that is importance in different sports or not. For background information, read the following article (Ford, P. R., Ward, P., Hodges, N. J., & Williams, A.). M. (2009). The role of deliberate practice and play in career progression in sport: the early engagement hypothesis. High ability studies, 20(1), 65-75.).
Ford et al. argue here that early engagement in sports has a positive outcome for the development of skills of the child within a sport.

Good luck with your further careers!


Sportsinspirator Board of Experts